Vida is Back!!!



Wonderful news!

Vida Garman has returned to modelling — and is gorgeous as ever.

She has set up a new website — The Official Vida Garman Website

and a Twitter feed as well — @GarmanVida.

Last, but definitely not least, Vida has also set up an OnlyFans account so you can see lots of photos – from the archives and newly shot too.

When Wendy Cooper visited Fiona Cooper


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From Fiona Cooper catalogue No.5, 1994:

“What can one say about this girl that isn’t obvious? She’s a stunner who well deserves the cover slot; so she got it! Reasonably new to modelling I think she will go a long way in the business!!”

The stunner was Wendy Cooper and that was the introduction for her video – Carly – V829. This was later reissued on DVD 290.

Scene 1
Wendy wakes up, throws back the duvet to reveal her little white nightie and has some naughty fun for our pleasure. Wendy at her sensual best.

Scene 2
Tidying up the bedroom, Wendy shows off her flowery dress, green bra, panties and suspenders with white stockings and stilettos, before stripping off to stroke and play with herself. (You might spot “Chloe waz here” written on the mirror in lipstick. A nice touch.)

Scene 3
Back home from school in a white blouse, tie and black school dress, Wendy drops her straw boater and bends over to expose her white panties before making the bed knob’s day. She packs her sports kit then strips off her school uniform and white panties to play with her big white vibrator wearing just her white bra and black over-the-knee socks and stilettos. Very sexy.

Scene 4
This scene finds Wendy stretching in her sports kit – yellow shirt, grey skirt, white panties and over-the-knee socks, but no bra. The wet patch on her knickers – and the pink bikini briefs underneath – suggest that her mind is not on exercise. After a little fun with her badminton racquet, Wendy digs into the bottom of her kit bag to find a large white vibrator that obviously hits the spot!

Scene 5
Nurse Wendy comes home in her uniform – green nurse’s dress with belt, hat and white gloves. It is not long before she strips to reveal a white underskirt, then all black lingerie – bra, panties, suspenders, stockings – and stilettos. Watching Wendy finger her pussy while still wearing her gloves as she sucks on her vibrator just after she has pulled it out of her wet pussy is such an erotic moment. Not to be missed!

Here are some more photographs from Wendy’s nurse set.


A Blast from the Past – Meet Vivian


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Every now and then I hear from one of the models appearing on  A few months back I got an email that began:
“Hi, you would know me better as Vivian V381!!”

Vivian (not her real name) wanted to know about how her video was advertised in the Fiona Cooper catalogue when it first appeared back in 1990.  I had a dig through the catalogues from the early nineties and you can see below what I found.  In return Vivian told me a few bits and pieces about her adventure in Fiona Cooper Land.

Vivian heard about Fiona Cooper from her friend Jodi.  Jodi had done a video and photo set for Fiona Cooper before and was going back to do another.  Vivian tagged along to give it a try.  She was just 18 when she went for the shoot and still remembers being very nervous.  None of the underwear and clothes Vivian wore were her own, all were supplied for the shoot – she remembers that some of it was quite tight, not a good fit.

Vivian’s first mention is in issue 3, June 1990. Just her name and the numbers of her video and photo set.  In issue 4, July 1990 there are descriptions of her video and photo set and she appears on the first page of the photo gallery.  In the centre pages she got 3 photos as well.

Video V381
A superb looking girl with lovely ripe boobs, a very sexy look and a great figure. School uniform, stockings, sussies, in the bath, skirts and blouses and a superb sexy nurse.
Photo Set 746
This girl has superb lingerie and a great 18 year old figure. She strips from skirt and top, stockings, sussies, bra and panties.

This was the early days of the catalogue – it wasn’t all in colour back then – a couple of years later Vivian would have got a full double page spread to herself.  There were 30 new girls in issue 4 but only 6 got their own little spread, so she must have impressed!

Each issue after that there was another photo from the same photo set.  Vivian’s video and photos were in the catalogue until the end of 1992, when they were “retired”.  Retiring videos after a period was quite normal at the time because all of the available videos were in the current catalogue so there was a limited amount of space.

She got a couple of mentions in the letters pages too – both very complimentary, but one does say that her photoset doesn’t show off her “delicious bum” enough. (Hear, hear!)

Here are a few of Vivian’s photos.  The full set of 37 pictures was available on Fiona Cooper photo disc 1099.

The date of the shoot – 5.4.90 – is given in the catalogues for the Master Collection, but she remembers it as May 1990.  Vivian’s video was issued as MC208 in the Master Collection in the September 1996 Fiona’s Leafy Luscious Lovelies catalogue.  This was a series of reissued videos that were originally issued from about 1985 to 1990.

Vivian’s video then disappeared for a long time, until it appeared again on DVD 1099 in the December 2008 Fiona Cooper catalogue along with a nice two-page spread of photos.  It appeared along with the video of Jodi shot on the same day and a couple of extra treats.

DVD 1099
Another shapely young body and a close friend of Jodi.  Blouses, mini, stockings & suspenders, school uniform, furry pussy, panties, T-shirt, taking a bath, skirt, nurse uniform, tops, a lovely round bum, in the bath with Jodi, having school uniform fun with Jodi.  Originally released on V381.

Vivian did consider doing another FC video but decided against it and has not done any modelling since, except for some homemade snaps – maybe one day we will see her as a reader’s wife on the top shelf!


While she was there doing her shoot in Halifax, Vivian also did a couple of short video scenes with Jodi, but no photos.  In the first Vivian and Jodi soaped each other up in the bath and in the second they stripped each other out of school uniforms on a bed.  Two-girl videos were quite uncommon at the time and weren’t advertised in the main Fiona Cooper catalogue – they were offered for sale in a flyer issued in 1991 and were only available for a short period.

Archive Angels – The Final Batch
Video AA40
– Jodi & Vivian
School uniforms, bath scenes.

Vivian and Jodi appear a little nervous doing their scenes together – they are both straight 18-year olds after all – but they gradually get into it and by the end of the bath scene it looks like they are quite enjoying rubbing their soapy hands all over each other! The contrast between Jodi’s tiny tits and Vivian’s nice, pert handfuls is very sexy too. Two great figures to enjoy.


It was a several years before their two scenes were available on general release, when they were issued in the Girls Together series on Video V931 in 1998 and again in 2000 when they were reissued in the Duets series as Video D38.  The scenes have been available continuously since 2003, when they were issued on DVD 256.

Both Vivian’s and Jodi’s videos and their two-girl scenes have been available together since 2008 on DVD 1099.  Both the solo and duet scenes are quite tame by today’s standards, but if your tastes are for sexy rather than sex videos, you will appreciate seeing a girl like Vivian with a fantastic figure stripping for your pleasure, especially when she soaps herself up, and Jodi too!


Fancy a date with Helen or Susie?!!


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As part of building Fiona Cooper World, I am always on the look out for old Fiona Cooper catalogues.  With a little patience it’s not too difficult to find catalogues dating back to the early 90s or even the late 80s, but tracking down anything older that that is almost impossible.

Recently I stumbled across a set of old Fiona Cooper flyers.  Not sure of the exact date, but I think they are from 1984 or 1985. All the essential ingredients were there even then – sexy girls stripping from sexy undies, stocking and suspenders, uniforms and the like; there were two-girl sets as well and even some spanking.

Very cool to find such early sales materials, but the Christmas prize draw, with the chance to win a dinner date with legendary FC favourites Helen and Susie was a real eye-opener!

Although they are complete opposites in looks, both Helen and Susie have that certain something that makes watching them strip off so compulsive!

Helen made a lot of appearances in front of the FC camera. She was a buxom babe with beautiful big boobs that just call out to be squeezed and teased – and they did get a lot of attention!

Susie was also a firm favourite with FC fans. Young-looking, slim and super-sexy! – and sometimes shaven too – an uncommon treat back in the 80s.

Would you choose Helen or Susie for your dinner date?

The Fiona Cooper Top 30


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Below are the best-selling Fiona Cooper girls of the last 20 years.

Shame it does not go right back to the beginning of Fiona Cooper, but there is something here to please everybody I think.

Favourite Fiona Cooper Babes Part 3


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This is the third of a series of articles to show off a selection of the Fiona Cooper girls who have stripped off and strutted their stuff for our erotic entertainment. Part 3 features FC beauties from 1989-90.

The first thing I noticed when I was selecting the photos for this article was what a fine crop of big boobs there was during this period! So I will start as I mean to go on with mega-boob-babe Stacey Owen – seeing her oiling up those beauties is a thing of wonder!

…and if Stacey does it for you, then how about her big-boobed sisters Bridgette and Elspeth – a.k.a. Vicky Lee and Tracey Gibb?

This period wasn’t all big tits though – there was also a nice selection if you think that anything more than a handful is a waste….

…and there were also some for those who like them small-but-perfectly-formed like Gloria and Faith.

Judging from the catalogue photos, there was also a lot more focus on bums. I must admit I love a well-toned arse – and if it is bent over to show off a sweet pussy, then all the better! Catherine, Pamela, Sheila – you definitely tick that box!

Some of the FC girls even kept their clothes on (for a while) – fortunately not a growing trend!

I’ve always had a thing for Cora (a.k.a. Luna Winter). It’s her tits – they are just perfect! – not too small or too large – just a nice handful and beautifully shaped… and you should see Donna sucking on them in V900-DVD282 !!

Simone isn’t quite up there with Cora, but she still has that certain something….

…and Rosemary arrived with milk-filled tits to tease and squeeze.

Who am I trying this kid?? Astrid, Lana and friends here are ample evidence that this was the year of the mega-boobs!

I am going to finish off with another mega-boob-babe – Debby Jordan. Now hands up, who wants to be her ‘hand-bra’?!!

That was some of my favourite babes from videos V300 to V399. You can see much more of all the Fiona Cooper girls from the Main Series at Fiona Cooper World. Below are some of the covers of the Fiona Cooper catalogues used to compile the listings at Fiona Cooper World.

Favourite Fiona Cooper Babes Part 2


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This is the second of a series of articles to introduce some of the Fiona Cooper babes that have given the little fella a rise over the years…
Part 2 features FC beauties from 1988-89.

What better way to start than with mega-boob-babe Debbyanne Quorell? Who could resist such an amazing pair of tits?!!

and if you are into big boobs then you will eat up Jamie….

or how about Roseanne (a.k.a Maxine Locke), who was shaven as well?

I like all shapes and sizes though, so how about Jodi or Felicity‘s tiny tits?

Not as many blonde bombshells as I would like, but we do get Vida Garman‘s first FC appearance as Marilyn.

but plenty of brunettes like Caroline and Deeanne to keep you occupied….

and then we come to Phillipa and her sexy sisters who are just plain HOT!

Now come four fantasy FC schoolgirls – Ingrid, Debbyanne, Abigail and Jodi all strip to prove they aren’t quite as innocent as they seem to be!

FC babe Ingrid was a real favourite with me – she has that certain something….

…but I have saved my favourite Fiona Cooper babe from this period until last – Margaret – a.k.a Lucy Gresty. She visited Fiona Cooper in 1988 and then returned in 2001, and again in 2008, and every time she returned she got a little bit naughtier! There are a few photos here of her stripping from a set of red undies – hope I will be able to show you the complete photoset some time soon.

So that was my favourite bits from videos V200 to V299.
You can see much more of all the Fiona Cooper babes from the Main Series at Fiona Cooper World.

Below are some of the covers of the Fiona Cooper catalogues used to compile the listings at Fiona Cooper World.

Favourite Fiona Cooper Babes Part 1


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This is the first of a series of articles to introduce just a few of the Fiona Cooper babes to float my boat over the years…
Part 1 features some beauties from the very early FC days in the 1980s.

First up are some big boobed babes – Zoe, Sally and Jade.

Or if your taste is for more slender girls, how about Jenny, Tiffany or Jane?

Some models visited more than once, as Michelle amply demonstrates….

….as does Chloe!

Anita‘s hairdo is so 1980s, but damn she looks great in undies – whether it’s full on matching bra, panties, stockings and sussies, or just simple white panties – and when she gets naked she has a great arse and an almost shaven pussy too!

They say that gentlemen prefer blondes – so Samantha, Trisha and friends are very welcome….

….but brunette lovers aren’t left out – check out Vicky, Penny and their dark-haired sisters

If you enjoy saucy schoolgirl fantasies, then you will love to watch April stripping out of her uniform to reveal her stunning natural figure.

Cathy was another FC babe who returned more than once to get naked for the camera again – and I for one am glad she did!

Susie was a firm favourite with FC fans – young, slim and super-sexy! (and sometimes shaven too – a uncommon treat back in the 80s)

Last but not least is FC legend Helen – a buxom babe with beautiful big boobs that just call out to be squeezed and teased – and they did get a lot of attention!

That is the end of my intro to the early days of Fiona Cooper, but you can see much more of all the FC babes from the Original FC Series at Fiona Cooper World

Below are some of the covers of the Fiona Cooper catalogues used to compile the listings at Fiona Cooper World.

Fiona Cooper World @ Beautiful British Babes



Fiona Cooper World @ Beautiful British Babes

Fiona Cooper produced and sold glamour photos and videos for over 30 years. They closed down in September 2017, so are no longer making or selling videos. For many years the FC motto was “Sexy Videos, Not Sex Videos” and this is also the philosophy of Beautiful British Babes.

Fiona Cooper World aims to list every video and DVD released. The site has been compiled using old Fiona Cooper catalogues. The database records the model’s name (or the title of the video), age and vital statistics (if known), as well as the Fiona Cooper ID, release date and also gives an indication of the content. With the exception of compilations, if more than one model appears on a video or DVD then each has a separate entry on the database.

Where a video was re-released, a separate entry has been made on the database giving the new release date. The content of the videos was often re-mixed before it was re-released. An ID was sometimes re-used for a completely different video; these and the re-releases are indicated with an asterisk(*).

The videos were released in series with different prefixes. The listings on Fiona Cooper World are split into sections that mostly follow the FC series, with the exception of Pre-V (includes all the earliest videos) and Extras (videos that don’t fit into the other sections). The original location and style is the Classic-Style series. Several series by other producers were introduced beginning in 2011 with new locations and styles. These have been grouped together as the New-Style series – See more at Fiona Cooper World.

Fiona Cooper World is not owned or endorsed by Fiona Cooper.
Fiona Cooper World is a fan-site.

How it all began….


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This is a quick guide to how Vida Garman, Helen Simpson and Wendy Cooper began their adventures in GlamourLand. Vida’s first photoshoot to reach print was published in Club in 1987 when she was 21. She appears as Lucy with fellow model Nikki Downey (aka Felicity Stewart) who was a readers’ favourite at the time. Nikki takes on the role of photographer while Vida, dressed in a ballerina’s costume, is the model. Vida appeared in Club again for the Christmas issue in a photoset of a 7-girl Christmas party romp in what looks like somebody’s lounge, and early in 1988 she also appeared as Christina in Sexy (a German magazine) where it is claimed she was a 27-year old music teacher from Hamburg! I wonder if they knew she played the trumpet? All of these magazines and more can be found in Vida’s glamour magazine gallery at Beautiful British Babes.

Helen’s first photoshoot to be published appeared in Men Only in 1989. The set includes photos taken in various outdoor locations around Newcastle – somehow the photographer managed to get them into St. James’ Park to take a few shots by the pitch! Next Helen featured as ‘Wife of the Month’ in Razzle wearing a mouthwatering PVC outfit before a return to Men Only for the last issue of 1989 wearing classic black stilettos, stockings and suspenders in a stunning bedroom set with a mirror floor. All of these magazines and more can be found in Helen’s glamour magazine gallery at Beautiful British Babes.

Wendy began glamour modelling in September 1993. The first photo of Wendy to be printed appeared in the centre pages of the Daily Sport on December 14th in a feature about photographer John Mason taking four models to Lanzarote for a shoot. Just two days later Wendy’s first photoset appeared in Praline (a German magazine) – relaxing on a bed in all white lingerie. Wendy’s final magazine appearance of 1993 was in Razzle for ‘LOOK BEHIND YOU! Their curtains are up and it’s Panto time with Sinderella’. This was a 5-girl full costume photoshoot with Wendy playing a very sexy Prince Charming – the first I have seen wearing stockings and suspenders with their thigh-length leather boots! All of these magazines and more can be found in Wendy’s glamour magazine gallery at Beautiful British Babes.