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This is the third of a series of articles to show off a selection of the Fiona Cooper girls who have stripped off and strutted their stuff for our erotic entertainment. Part 3 features FC beauties from 1989-90.

The first thing I noticed when I was selecting the photos for this article was what a fine crop of big boobs there was during this period! So I will start as I mean to go on with mega-boob-babe Stacey Owen – seeing her oiling up those beauties is a thing of wonder!

…and if Stacey does it for you, then how about her big-boobed sisters Bridgette and Elspeth – a.k.a. Vicky Lee and Tracey Gibb?

This period wasn’t all big tits though – there was also a nice selection if you think that anything more than a handful is a waste….

…and there were also some for those who like them small-but-perfectly-formed like Gloria and Faith.

Judging from the catalogue photos, there was also a lot more focus on bums. I must admit I love a well-toned arse – and if it is bent over to show off a sweet pussy, then all the better! Catherine, Pamela, Sheila – you definitely tick that box!

Some of the FC girls even kept their clothes on (for a while) – fortunately not a growing trend!

I’ve always had a thing for Cora (a.k.a. Luna Winter). It’s her tits – they are just perfect! – not too small or too large – just a nice handful and beautifully shaped… and you should see Donna sucking on them in V900-DVD282 !!

Simone isn’t quite up there with Cora, but she still has that certain something….

…and Rosemary arrived with milk-filled tits to tease and squeeze.

Who am I trying this kid?? Astrid, Lana and friends here are ample evidence that this was the year of the mega-boobs!

I am going to finish off with another mega-boob-babe – Debby Jordan. Now hands up, who wants to be her ‘hand-bra’?!!

That was some of my favourite babes from videos V300 to V399. You can see much more of all the Fiona Cooper girls from the Main Series at Fiona Cooper World. Below are some of the covers of the Fiona Cooper catalogues used to compile the listings at Fiona Cooper World.