Vida Garman @ Beautiful British Babes



Vida Garman @ Beautiful British Babes

“Vida Garman, top Page 3 girl and glamour model. Vida comes across as a girl who loves to tease, flirt and cheeky. It’s clear she loved getting naked and dirty in front of a camera and sharing it with you. Her natural tease comes through so well. Vida has a big heart as well and was always there to help a friend.”
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“The sensational Vida Garman needs no introduction. A 1990s premier league stunner.”
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“Not just a sexy lady but a lovely woman too!”
Quote from Fiona Cooper

“I chose Vida [for this shoot] because, basically she’s my favourite model. I’ve known her for 7 years and she has so many different looks that I take her on all my trips. It’s as simple as that! She’s always professional and reliable, she’s a great laugh and is always one for playing a practical joke. She started a food fight before we’d even taken off from Gatwick. Most importantly, after 8 years in the glamour business she still sells better than any one girl I can think of.”
Quote from photographer John Mason, Video World, May 1995

Vida began her modelling career in 1987 and was still doing photo and video work until at least 1997. She went on to run a fitness club and later to work in healthcare. – See more at: Beautiful British Babes

Vida Garman

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Helen Simpson @ Beautiful British Babes



Helen Simpson @ Beautiful British Babes

“Beautiful is a good word for this former cover girl. Lovely big firm boobs and an exquisite figure.”
“One of the most popular girls ever, Charmaine was a little less demure on her second outing!”
“Another all time favourite babe for many.”
“One of the all time stunners.”

Quotes from Fiona Cooper

Helen started glamour modelling in 1989 and seems to have been on the scene until at least 1991, or maybe a year or two longer. As well as doing a lot of pictorial modelling she also made four videos with Fiona Cooper.

What did Helen go on to do afterwards? Returned to “real life” I guess. Anybody know? – See more at: Beautiful British Babes

Helen Simpson

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Wendy Cooper @ Beautiful British Babes



Wendy Cooper @ Beautiful British Babes

“Wendy was, without doubt, one of the most beautiful British glamour girls of the 1990s. An absolute stunner. Sweet, charming, feminine, well spoken, and always immaculately turned out – in short, a dream girl . . . from an era when girls were girls – proper girls who wore lipstick, stockings, perfume and jewelry. Wendy was one of the finest examples of that sadly dying breed.”
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“An ever so popular girl, she has one of those delicious figures that just says ‘sexy’.”
Quote from Fiona Cooper

Wendy worked as a glamour model for around a year beginning in September 1993, doing photo shoots for magazine photographers and film work for several video producers. Subsequently Wendy moved on to become an advocate of naturism, working with Charlie Simonds of Parafotos until mid-1999, and also worked as a radio and television presenter, actress and writer. – See more at: Beautiful British Babes

Wendy Cooper

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This blog is an expansion of –  a website originally set up as a tribute to three of the sexiest glamour models of the 1990s – Wendy Cooper, Helen Simpson and Vida Garman.

BeautifulBritishBabes also includes Fiona Cooper World, a listing of sexy videos and DVDs released by Fiona Cooper.

Also in the works is a section on the glamour babes of the 1980s – Samantha Fox, Linda Lusardi, Maria Whittacker, Suzanne Mizzi and more.

Vida Garman - photographed by Johnny Rebel

Vida Garman at her sexy best!