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Every now and then I hear from one of the models appearing on BeautifulBritishBabes.co.uk.  A few months back I got an email that began:
“Hi, you would know me better as Vivian V381!!”

Vivian (not her real name) wanted to know about how her video was advertised in the Fiona Cooper catalogue when it first appeared back in 1990.  I had a dig through the catalogues from the early nineties and you can see below what I found.  In return Vivian told me a few bits and pieces about her adventure in Fiona Cooper Land.

Vivian heard about Fiona Cooper from her friend Jodi.  Jodi had done a video and photo set for Fiona Cooper before and was going back to do another.  Vivian tagged along to give it a try.  She was just 18 when she went for the shoot and still remembers being very nervous.  None of the underwear and clothes Vivian wore were her own, all were supplied for the shoot – she remembers that some of it was quite tight, not a good fit.

Vivian’s first mention is in issue 3, June 1990. Just her name and the numbers of her video and photo set.  In issue 4, July 1990 there are descriptions of her video and photo set and she appears on the first page of the photo gallery.  In the centre pages she got 3 photos as well.

Video V381
A superb looking girl with lovely ripe boobs, a very sexy look and a great figure. School uniform, stockings, sussies, in the bath, skirts and blouses and a superb sexy nurse.
Photo Set 746
This girl has superb lingerie and a great 18 year old figure. She strips from skirt and top, stockings, sussies, bra and panties.

This was the early days of the catalogue – it wasn’t all in colour back then – a couple of years later Vivian would have got a full double page spread to herself.  There were 30 new girls in issue 4 but only 6 got their own little spread, so she must have impressed!

Each issue after that there was another photo from the same photo set.  Vivian’s video and photos were in the catalogue until the end of 1992, when they were “retired”.  Retiring videos after a period was quite normal at the time because all of the available videos were in the current catalogue so there was a limited amount of space.

She got a couple of mentions in the letters pages too – both very complimentary, but one does say that her photoset doesn’t show off her “delicious bum” enough. (Hear, hear!)

Here are a few of Vivian’s photos.  The full set of 37 pictures was available on Fiona Cooper photo disc 1099.

The date of the shoot – 5.4.90 – is given in the catalogues for the Master Collection, but she remembers it as May 1990.  Vivian’s video was issued as MC208 in the Master Collection in the September 1996 Fiona’s Leafy Luscious Lovelies catalogue.  This was a series of reissued videos that were originally issued from about 1985 to 1990.

Vivian’s video then disappeared for a long time, until it appeared again on DVD 1099 in the December 2008 Fiona Cooper catalogue along with a nice two-page spread of photos.  It appeared along with the video of Jodi shot on the same day and a couple of extra treats.

DVD 1099
Another shapely young body and a close friend of Jodi.  Blouses, mini, stockings & suspenders, school uniform, furry pussy, panties, T-shirt, taking a bath, skirt, nurse uniform, tops, a lovely round bum, in the bath with Jodi, having school uniform fun with Jodi.  Originally released on V381.

Vivian did consider doing another FC video but decided against it and has not done any modelling since, except for some homemade snaps – maybe one day we will see her as a reader’s wife on the top shelf!


While she was there doing her shoot in Halifax, Vivian also did a couple of short video scenes with Jodi, but no photos.  In the first Vivian and Jodi soaped each other up in the bath and in the second they stripped each other out of school uniforms on a bed.  Two-girl videos were quite uncommon at the time and weren’t advertised in the main Fiona Cooper catalogue – they were offered for sale in a flyer issued in 1991 and were only available for a short period.

Archive Angels – The Final Batch
Video AA40
– Jodi & Vivian
School uniforms, bath scenes.

Vivian and Jodi appear a little nervous doing their scenes together – they are both straight 18-year olds after all – but they gradually get into it and by the end of the bath scene it looks like they are quite enjoying rubbing their soapy hands all over each other! The contrast between Jodi’s tiny tits and Vivian’s nice, pert handfuls is very sexy too. Two great figures to enjoy.


It was a several years before their two scenes were available on general release, when they were issued in the Girls Together series on Video V931 in 1998 and again in 2000 when they were reissued in the Duets series as Video D38.  The scenes have been available continuously since 2003, when they were issued on DVD 256.

Both Vivian’s and Jodi’s videos and their two-girl scenes have been available together since 2008 on DVD 1099.  Both the solo and duet scenes are quite tame by today’s standards, but if your tastes are for sexy rather than sex videos, you will appreciate seeing a girl like Vivian with a fantastic figure stripping for your pleasure, especially when she soaps herself up, and Jodi too!